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A Hard Days Night - The Beatles - A Hard Days Night (Cassette, Album)




  1. Goltisida said:
    Jul 05,  · Question.. just obtained a stereo copy of the United Artists "A Hard Days Night" LP (USA) and all of the Beatles songs sound to be mono mixes, although the label says "high fidelity stereo". The non-Beatles songs do appear to be stereo to my ear/5().
  2. Zukasa said:
    Sep 16,  · (Worth noting: A Hard Day’s Night is the only Beatles album comprised solely of Lennon-McCartney songs.) What Rubber Soul gets all the credit for, A Hard Day’s Night .
  3. Meztiktilar said:
    The song featured prominently on the soundtrack to the Beatles' first feature film, A Hard Day's Night, and was on their album of the same name. The song topped the charts in both the United Kingdom and United States when it was released as a single.B-side: "Things We Said Today" (UK), "I Should Have Known Better" (US).
  4. Voodoojind said:
    Mar 09,  · [Verse] G C G It's been a hard day's night G F G and I've been working like a dog. G C G It's been a hard day's night G F G I should be sleeping like a log. C But when I get home to you D I find the things that you do G C G Will make me feel alright [Coda] C G C G You know I feel alright C G C Dsus4 Dm7 Dsus4 Dm7 Dsus4 Dm7 You know I feel.
  5. Yosar said:
    Johan Cavalli from Sweden The album A Hard Day's Night from is their best album, many innovative and wonderful melodies by Lennon: A Hard Day's Night, starting with the guitar chord like the beginning of Beethoven's Pathe- tique,and glissando-melodies. If I Fell the intro with four changes of key, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, a.
  6. Vishicage said:
    A Hard Day's Night Album Receipt. fan art. Happy Beatles Day!! news. 8 comments. share. save hide report. Posted by 4 days ago. I hope you all like the Beatles cake my Aunt made for my birthday! It was so good. picture. 12 comments. share.
  7. Dam said:
    10 product ratings 10 product ratings - The Beatles A Hard Days Night LP UAL -1E United Artists
  8. Vilar said:
    Listening to the album, it's easy to see why. Decades after its original release, A Hard Day's Night's punchy blend of propulsive rhythms, jangly guitars, and infectious, singalong melodies is remarkably fresh. There's something intrinsically exciting in the sound of the album itself, something to keep the record vital years after it was recorded/

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