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Hey Little Freshman




  1. Vuk said:
    A lot of you right now. Oh, it's not a-. I had the purple pumps and You don't know what this guy was doing to be honest. Okay on Facebook with the Fbi don't just phantom, but it's. funny because people call me up, you know, but it's a start. I don't know what's going on right now. Hey Mikey. Thanks for the follow. That's you I knew. Hey, Dave.
  2. Dozahn said:
    "Hey little freshman." "me?" "naah Aph she was talking to the door right behind you" Aohmau blushed in ebaresemtn, Garroth lightly chuckled and the girl laughed. "ya you. Sorry about our friend there. Stop by the volley ball club booth if you need someone to hang it with.".
  3. Mazugis said:
    A few little things ultimately added up to one of the more bizarre recruiting misses in recent memory. It was Jefferson’s blocking during his true freshman season that allowed him to avoid a.
  4. Shakamuro said:
    Hey you little gayboy, nice hat. It's Chad from your freshman English class, remember me, dork? I thought I'd pop in after finishing my first 60 reps at the gym - y'know, that place REAL men go to? Anyways, guess you're still playing video games like a sissy cuck - AS USUAL. Thought maybe you'd man up after highschool, but now you're wearing skirts and makeup for a bunch of dweebs online. .
  5. Brarr said:
    That's one of those deals where, it's like, hey, if they'd gotten to see him one more time, he might have gotten another bump. So Michigan loves him, Erick All got a lot of playing time last year.
  6. Kejin said:
    "Well tomorrow's the freshmen fair," he continued, "I sure hope it's fun. Spike nodded as he remembered befriending the little sisters of Applejack and Rarity, and an admirer of Rainbow Dash whom the tomboy girl knew during Junior high. "Hey, Spike!" a voice called, and Spike and Twilight saw Puck Shot coming over. "Hey, Puck!" Spike.
  7. Tajora said:
    1 day ago · Hey guys! Oh my god, where to begin! My last post got WAY more attention than I could have ever imagined. Suffice to say, it was a tad bit overwhelming. Seriously, the amount of people begging for an update was a bit dehumanizing in a way. Like I wasn't a person going through something, but more so a "story". But I understand, haha.
  8. Daizilkree said:
    Freshman could use a little help with a decision Discussion. Hey guys, I'm taking Algebra and Calculus, and the rest of my second freshman semester, this summer online. My university lets us pass/fail the day before our final. I was wondering if it's a big deal if I pass/fail this course to avoid getting a B or B-, as I currently have a

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