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Basket Case




  1. Gojind said:
    noun Slang. Offensive. a person who has had all four limbs amputated. a person who is helpless or incapable of functioning normally, especially due to overwhelming stress, anxiety, or the like. anything .
  2. Tami said:
    With memorably gruesome scenes – such as the screaming woman with the scalpels stuck in her face – and some disturbing stop-motion animation, Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case is one of the most beloved, cheerfully demented cult classicks of all time. So go ahead and open the basket if you dare!/5().
  3. Yozshushicage said:
    Welcome to Basketcase Cafe’ Please be our guest for casual, contemporary dining in Dothan. Fun or formal, this is a place you will want to come back to often.
  4. Dazragore said:
    used especially in newspapers to describe a country, company, or organization that has very serious financial problems: The economy was described as a basket case, with mounting debt and the highest .
  5. Kazrak said:
    FL Panhead Basket Case Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pan Head Motor Frame. No Title All parts on the floor are included in this auction as well as the wishbone frame and everything hanging on it. Seat, Muffler, Shift Gate, rear stand, and exhaust pipes are the only reproduction parts. Wishbone frame is very nice with all tabs and mounts in.
  6. Vokora said:
    What's the meaning of the phrase 'Basket case'? An infirm or failing person or thing - unable to function properly. Originally this referred to soldiers who had lost arms and legs and had to be carried by others. More recently it has been used to denounce a failing organisation or scheme and is less often applied to .
  7. Malaktilar said:
    Basket Case is the first book in the A Silver Six Crafting Mystery series. One of the reasons that I like this book is that most all of the characters are near my age and could certainly relate. Leslie “Nixy” Nix gets a call from Detective Eric Shoar asking her to come to Lilyvale to check on /5.
  8. Bale said:
    Basket Case Triumph Pre Unit T, All Original Parts. This has been sitting under my Bench for Years, time to sit under someone else's. The frame has been Hardtailed but Includes the Original Rear Section. Missing a few parts due to sitting around for years. Engine turns free. The forks are bent but Lower Legs and Triple Trees look good.

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